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NEW INSTRUMENTS in the Italian tradition

I have been working as a professional violin maker and restorer since my education in the early 1980’s; both in my own studio, together with colleagues and as a violin making teacher.

My high quality production of violins, violas and cellos derives from my passion for music, music making and craftsmanship. This combination gives me a constant source of exciting challenges.

I view the instruments I make as original instruments according to classical models. Important key elements for me in the making of a new instrument include: selected beautiful wood, entirely handmade production, full respect for the cremonese tradition, thorough attention to tone quality and a very precise setup.

All instruments can be ordered in, true to the peiod, original baroque style.

The instruments may be found among musicians, music teachers, music students within Sweden and abroad, and are used both in classical music as well as in folk music.

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Violin Peder Källman 2003/Strad 1716


Peder Källman has exhibited his instruments at:

Folkmusikens Hus, Rättvik, 2004
Royal Academy of Music, "Genius of the Violin", London, 2004
Musikmuséet (The Museum of Music), Stockholm, 1996
Galleri lejonet, Stockholm, 1990
Stadsbiblioteket (Public Library), Västerås, 1990
Länsmuséet (County Museum), Karlstad, 1990
Länsmuséet (County Museum), Falun, 1990
Läckö skott (Läckö Castle), 1987
Musikmuséet (The Museum of Music), Stockholm, 1986

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Peder Källman Violinbyggare

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